Emily Writes – Rants in the Dark book launch

Emily Writes – Rants in the Dark book launch

When you’re a new mum you need all the community you can get. Sometimes it’s hard to find a community you gel with. Mothers can be judgmental. One mother who is not judgmental, and who has made it her business to share the ins and outs of parenthood and build… Read more

The variety contained within the common

Yesterday I reblogged a post by Star in her eye about Strange Luck. The piece talked about the luck the writer felt at the issues her daughter didn’t have, in comparison to other children with the same syndrome. Issues most parents don’t ever have to feel lucky about, or don’t… Read more

Ignoring the whirring of the blades

I remember hearing about parents who didn’t have a break from their baby until they were many months old. They didn’t trust a baby sitter, or their baby was a bad sleeper, or they were exclusively breast fed, or the parents just weren’t ready. I thought to myself, bugger that.… Read more

How it feels when your life makes other people thankful for their own

Prefix: I wrote this post (including the note at the end) 10 weeks ago when the Peanut was still in the hospital. I don’t feel this way now. This post was about as bad as it got. I was angry. I was looking for someone to blame. And I didn’t… Read more