Episode 12: Ali and Angela – living with FOP

Episode 12 Transcript  There’s a certain belief in the special needs world that it’s wrong to want to change your

Episode 11: Fiona and Heather – living with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome

Episode 11 Transcript I have been reading my next guest’s blog Star in her Eye for so long now, I don’t know when

Episode 10: Dylan and Kim – life with CHARGE Syndrome

Episode 10 Transcript. It gives me immense pleasure to share this next episode. It features a fellow CHARGE parent, Kim Lauger

Episode 09: Vivian and Meghan – living with Dravet Syndrome

Episode 09 transcript. Meghan and her husband Brian never thought they would be moving almost 2,000 miles across the United

Episode 08: Stacey and Thomas

Episode 8 Transcript This next episode is only the second time I have been able to interview a family in person. I drove up to

Episode 07: Evie and Rachel- The Super Power Baby Project

Episode 07 Transcript It is my pleasure and honour, and just well I’m giddy, to announce my next guest on the podcast, R

Episode 06: Adonis and Zinzele

  Episode 06 Transcript This episode marks a special point for the podcast, because Zinzele is the first parent to contac

Episode 5: Lydia and Danae – Part 2

Episode 05 Transcript In the first part of this episode I introduced Lydia and her mother Danae. We heard about the challenges

Episode 04: Lydia and Danae – part 1

The podcast has had a break. A long break really. But it’s back. Episode 04 Transcript I am so incredibly proud to intro

Episode 03: Chiara and Natalie

Episode 03 Transcript I first discovered Natalie and her beautiful daughter Chiara not long after Eva was born. I was in despe

Episode 02: Thomas and Cassie – living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy

I first met Cassie when we were both pregnant. I asked a panicky question about nuchal measurements in a Huggies mothers’

Episode 01: Jacob and Jen

Months ago, I emailed a group of mothers who I have met through various means, but mostly through the blog. They all have chil