New Series – Education: Ep1 with Emily Writes

Education: Ep 01 Transcript

Last year on election night, when it looked like National would enter another term, I decided I needed to do something about an issue that would only get worse under a further National government, and that’s education equity for all children.

A few weeks later Labour and New Zealand First surprised us all and beat National to the top spot. But I realised, this issue isn’t just going to go away with a changing of the guard. We need to speak up, whoever is in parliament and insist that our kids get more support.

So here is The One in a Million Education series to do just that. This series will run alongside the regular One in a Million podcast and will explore stories from parents, educators, teachers and teacher aides, sharing stories about struggles and triumphs in our education system.

As a former teacher myself I know how ill equipped I was after teacher’s college to teach students with Autism or dyslexia, not to mention all the other learning and behavioral disabilities you can come across in a class room.

It’s important to note, this podcast isn’t about blaming teachers or schools. It’s not about pointing the finger at one person, but about bringing awareness to this issue so we can all do better.

To kick off the series I spoke with the lovely author and advocate, Emily Writes. Emily is the author of Rants in the Dark and the editor of The Spinoff Parents. She is a friend and an ally in disability advocacy, and she is telling her story about trying to advocate for her son in the world of education.

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