Episode 29: Pierce and Nicole – life with Moebius Syndrome

Today is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, and today I share the story of Pierce and his mom Nicole in honour of that.

Nicole and her husband Ben’s journey started when Nicole was 20 weeks pregnant when they found out something was “wrong” with their baby’s brain.

Despite this early warning, it wasn’t until Pierce was 6 months old and Nicole was desperately googling facial paralysis in infants that she found the Moebius Syndrome Foundation.

Thank you Nicole, for sharing your story.

This will be the second to last original podcast for a little while, as I focus on the education series for a while. I’m not disappearing, just changing focus for a bit.

Please check out the Moebius Syndrome Foundation page and learn a bit more about this rare condition.

Thanks you as always to Grayson Gilmour for the music from his album Infinite Life. You can find Grayson’s music, including his new album, Otherness,  here.

And thank you to Enelia from Abacus Finch for creating the beautiful imagery I get to use each podcast. I can’t imagine the show without those beautiful birds.