Episode 28: Jasmine, Mylee and The Grief Project

Jasmine Platt’s daughter, Mylee, was diagnosed shortly after birth as having a catastrophic brain condition known as burst suppression. Jasmine was devastated to learn her daughter would never walk or talk and that she and her partner would never know how Mylee perceived the world.

Now, six years later, Jasmine is on a mission to help NZ parents who are given a complex disability diagnosis for their child, to get mental health support to help them through this time. At present, in NZ, there is no specific funding for this kind of event and the grief that can come from it, and Jasmine is trying to ensure that other parents in her shoes get the mental health support they need.

I’m breaking my usual first of the month release date to get info out about Jasmine’s work. She is collecting information and research from parents all over NZ to take to the government to strengthen her case. If you are the parent to a child with complex medical needs or disabilities, take a minute and fill it out. It will help her get a better picture of what it’s like for parents all over the country, what parents want and need, and what exists or doesn’t exist already. It will help her establish what’s going on out there and how the system can be changed to better support vulnerable families in their times of need.

You can find Jasmine’s survey here.

If you’re interested in contacting Jasmine, her contact details are available at the survey.