Episode 24: Dr. Robin McEvoy, co-author of Child Decoded

Developmental neuropsychologist Dr. Robin McEvoy and LEAP specialist Kim Gangwish work with families to help children with learning and behavioural issues. They are the next port of call, when the straight forward medical side has reached it’s limitations.

In addition to seeing patients, they were also fielding phone calls, day in day out, from desperate parents who want to help their children. Their children are struggling either with their behaviour, their education or their attention, and they need to know what to do.

After fielding these phone calls for years, Robin and Kim partnered with¬†writer and trauma therapist, Marijke Jones, and set about creating a resource that would replace that phone call. A resource that could be reached for at all hours of the night. They created Child Decoded, a book for parents who want to know where to turn and who to talk to when their child’s needs exceed those of a regular paediatrician. In this episode, Robin talks about the creation of the book and the struggles of parenting when you don’t know what to do next.

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Authors Dr. Robin McEvoy, Kim Gangwish and Marijke Jones

I apologise for the poor audio quality on this interview. Sometimes Skype doesn’t come to the party.