Episode 20: Heather and The Lucky Few

Episode 20 transcript
When Heather Avis and her husband realised they couldn’t have their own biological children they turned to adoption. There they found their three children, Macyn, Truly and August.

It wasn’t the journey they thought it would be, but as Heather says in the episode, saying yes to Macyn was her “best yes” and now she and her husband are some of the lucky few.

In this episode, Heather talks about the process of adopting three children, two of which have Down Syndrome, and the challenges and joy that comes with that.

You can buy Heather’s upcoming book, The Lucky Few at Zondervan Books or through Heather’s website, The Lucky Few, and you can follow Heather and her three beautiful kids at her Instagram account, Macy Makes My Day.

4 thoughts on “Episode 20: Heather and The Lucky Few

  1. BW aka Barbara from Boston

    Hi Tessa, I know I read one of your podcasts. Couldn’t figure how to do it for this one. My speaker is becoming less reliable and my learning style is visual.
    Can you make it easier to figure out or remind me how I did it? Love your posts. Thanks, Barbara

  2. BW aka Barbara from Boston

    Hi again, I was referring to future broadcasts. Can you indicate new ones that have transcripts?I have already listened to all the previous ones.

    1. Tessa Prebble Post author

      Yes of course! Once I get through he back catalogue I’ll get the new ones up to date too. If they have a transcript there will be the link right under the audio, it’ll just be called Episode ? transcript.

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