Episode 18: Savannah and David – And Yet We Rise

Episode 18 Transcript. 

It is my very great pleasure to bring you our first Dad on the show.

David Borden is a writer, artist and art teacher who lives in Austin, Texas. His eldest daughter, Savannah had Cerebral Palsy and died in March 2015, age 15.

David writes about his daughter and about life at his blog, David Borden: Artist and Writer, A journey of art, writing, life and cats.

Since Savannah died, he has also been working on a graphic novel, And Yet We Rise, which chronicles her life and journey. He hopes to launch this on what would have been Savannah’s 18th birthday, April 1st 2017.

You can find out about his graphic novel, other writing projects and his illustration and art work at his main website, Scribble Fire.

Click here if you want to contribute to his Kickstarter fund to publish And Yet We Rise.

In this episode we talk about what made him want to share his story, what it has been like to lose his eldest daughter, and what he’s learnt from Savannah.

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Occasionally this year I’ll be releasing two episodes instead of one each month. January is one of those months!

2 thoughts on “Episode 18: Savannah and David – And Yet We Rise

  1. Bonnie Dewart

    David made this seem almost easy but it clearly is not. Quite an inspirational story, with much that can be shared. Good story and great interview.

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