Episode 16: Eva and Tessa with special guest host Kelsey Dilts McGregor

Episode 16 Transcript
I have had the honour of featuring so many amazing families on my show. Each parent has shown a level of vulnerability and honesty that I could not have expected, but was so grateful for.

They speak, unscripted, about their child and their experiences, whereas I get to write my intros and outros and craft my words.

I thought it was about time I fronted up and turned the microphone on myself to share my story, tears and all.

So here are a few new pics of Eva to enjoy as you listen.



Thank you so much to Kelsey for making this episode happen. It meant so much to me to have your help on this.

And of course, thank you to Wonderbaby for partnering with the podcast and showing your support.


10 thoughts on “Episode 16: Eva and Tessa with special guest host Kelsey Dilts McGregor

  1. Joelle

    This was my favorite episode to date. I have been following your blog from the beginning – I can still remember opening your blog and reading about Eva’s death – I was so shocked and heartbroken for you. This episode is an amazing tribute to Eva. Thank you for sharing

  2. Ellen

    I can so, so relate to the pressure of making decisions urgently (though doctors and professionals state otherwise). This was such an amazing episode, Tessa. So much to process, but you are always so centered. Thanks, as always, for sharing. XOXO

  3. me+hub+3

    Hey Tessa,

    Just catching up on the podcast.

    Wow what a fantastic episode. It was wonderful to hear you speak about Eva and your life together. I have enjoyed your blog and the podcast but that is an amazing episode. You can read so much but you can not always read all the emotion. The podcasts are amazing. A wonderful project and wonderful memory for Eva.

    Thanks for all your time and effort into this project. You deserve all the accolades that come with it.

    All the best.

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