Episode 13: Amy Street with Bella Pacific Media

Episode 13 Transcript
I’m interrupting the normal once a month episode pattern with a special interview with Viv Kernick and Kirsty Griffin from Bella Pacific Media.

Bella Pacific Media have just released their web series “Amy Street” which features eight episodes that tell the story of nine residents of the Supported Lifestyle Hauraki Trust in Thames, NZ.

Each short film is around five minutes and gives you a glimpse into the lives of these wonderfully diverse and interesting New Zealanders. You’ll meet Celeste and learn about her love of Shortland Street, Jessica and her eye for fashion, Moyzee and his songwriting, Jonathan and his struggle with sticking to his lanes in competitive speed walking.

Watching this show gave me all the feels. I laughed, I cried. I felt my heart swell and I felt a connection with these characters and people. And that’s so important. Because these stories are important, and increasing familiarity and comfort with the special needs world is even more important.

Watch the documentaries, and share them. They are wonderful.

Thank you to Viv and Kirsty for making such beautiful and human documentaries and for taking time out of your beautiful Thames Sunday morning to talk with me!

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