Episode 10: Dylan and Kim – life with CHARGE Syndrome

Episode 10 Transcript.

It gives me immense pleasure to share this next episode. It features a fellow CHARGE parent, Kim Lauger. In this episode Kim talks about her son Dylan, who has just turned 20, and who was born with CHARGE Syndrome.

Unlike most of my guests, Kim and her husband Roy have a lifetime of experience in the special needs world. They have been through all of the ups and downs you can imagine, and now, two decades later, they can reflect on their journey so far.


Dylan’s diagnoses came after the death of their first son Kyle, the births of two healthy children, Tyler and Kayla, and then a miscarriage. These events made Kim and Roy the parents they are today and have shaped the way they reacted to Dylan’s arrival and diagnoses. Their ability to find hope and gratitude is inspiring and I hope you enjoy their story.

Dylan enjoying some of his favourite things

Dylan enjoying some of his favourite things

You can read more about Dylan and the Lauger family through Kim’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Dylan and Kim – life with CHARGE Syndrome

  1. me+hub+3

    What a great family. Sounds like Dylan has a heap of family support by his side. A wonderful story and to hear that Dylan is now 20 years old is wonderful.

    The link to Kim’s blog is not working. But would love to read more about what Dylan is up to in his life and his achievements.

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