Episode 08: Stacey and Thomas

Episode 8 Transcript

This next episode is only the second time I have been able to interview a family in person. I drove up to Warkworth, NZ to meet and talk to Stacey Dodd and her son Thomas.


Stacey and her husband, Joe, are the parents to Thomas. Thomas is an adorable toddler with fiery red hair who has a number of conditions. He was born at 34 weeks and suffered a major brain bleed. This has resulted in a number of conditions including infantile spasms, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.



Despite the challenges, Thomas is a happy, smiley kid who is turning into a real toddler, in the best possible way.

It was so interesting to talk to Stacey as she dealt with these challenges in such a different way to myself. I found myself just in awe of her sense of calm and pragmatism.


In this project I wanted to show a variety of experiences so I think it is really important to show experiences that are very different to mine. I am sure there are listeners out there who can relate to Stacey’s experience and see something of their own in it.



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If you want to follow Thomas and Stacey’s journey you can visit their facebook page, Minding Thomas or through Stacey’s blog.

7 thoughts on “Episode 08: Stacey and Thomas

  1. Bonnie Dewart

    Stacey and Joe are pretty awesome. Thomas is very fortunate to have them as his mum and dad.
    Didn’t hear the lawnmower! Very interesting podcast.

  2. Ellen

    Thanks, Tessa, for introducing me to my nearly parallel life twin Stacey! From a neurologist who was as worried about my stoicism as she was my infantile spasms affected infant to the compartmentalization of (not) thinking about the future, I found myself wondering if you were interviewing me and I’d forgotten about it… until I remembered I am sadly devoid of a Kiwi accent. 😉 And thank you Stacey, for sharing Thomas with all of us! Though our kiddos have differences (for one, he didn’t get that gorgeous hair), their connection of IS/epilepsy and having infectious, charming smiles will stick with me.

    1. Tessa Prebble Post author

      Ellen, thank you so much for this message, it has made my morning! I am so glad you heard something of your own experience in Stacey’s! And I know Stacey will be thrilled too. Xx

  3. The Mum Project

    I love what you are doing here, this podcast episode was excellent. That must have been really scary for Stacey and Thomas having such a small baby at 34 weeks and an emergency C-section, they are very strong for getting through that! This story is amazing, thank you so much for sharing with #StayClassy!

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