Episode 07: Evie and Rachel- The Super Power Baby Project

Episode 07 Transcript

It is my pleasure and honour, and just well I’m giddy, to announce my next guest on the podcast, Rachel Callander, the creator of The Super Power Baby Project.

When Eva was just a few weeks old, Ess, who I would soon live with with Eva, sent me a link to this amazing book. It blew me away with its beauty and it’s positive attitude.

Super power baby project

I nervously approached Rachel when the podcast was still just an idea in my head. I wanted to know if she would like to be a part of it. I explained about Eva and that I had seen her work and admired her. She wrote back the kindest, sweetest email saying she would love to be a part.

I was nervous about this one. I look up to Rachel, she’s somewhat of a role model in the special needs world. For me at the very least. Her positivity and love for her daughter , Evie, shine through.

I was so honoured to hear Evie’s story, from her birth in 2008 to her death two and a half years later. Since Evie’s death, Rachel and her husband Sam have gone on to honour their daughter’s memory in the most outstanding way, and it’s a legacy I am sure Evie is beaming with pride over.


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You can find Rachel and Sam’s project here.


5 thoughts on “Episode 07: Evie and Rachel- The Super Power Baby Project

  1. lydiaunicorn

    So excited for this one. I have her book on my shelf I have literally shown it to every therapist and caregiver that has come through our door. Plus all my friends have seen it too of course. So inspiring., positive and powerful. Going to listen when I have a quiet moment so I can give my fullest attention.

  2. me+hub+3

    Wow!!!! What an inspiration. Another wonderful heartfelt story. So brave to be so honest with everything. What a wonderful project. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karyn Geary

    Wow!! Rachel you are such an amazing honest person! You have done and are doing such inspirational things. I cried so much. Wonderful podcast. Thank you. 🙂

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