Hearing loss

Sharing the load for Issy

When Eva first came home with me a friend put me in touch with another family, from my home town, who had a little girl with very similar issues to Eva. She was blind, with micropthalmia in one eye and anopthalmia in the other. She wore a conformer in one… Read more

Avoiding the flatline

I wrote a few weeks back about meeting the couple at sign language class with the deaf eight month old daughter. A couple of weeks ago they told me there was a high probability their gorgeous girl was also blind, or at least had visual impairment. When the mother said… Read more

Communication through movement

Eva is both profoundly blind and deaf. I am sure she has light perception in her right eye and maybe can see large shapes because of this, but her hearing is next to nothing. She has been recommended for bilateral cochlear implants this year, and while this is fantastic, it… Read more

Hearing aids for Christmas

Eva is getting cochlear implants in March. But in the mean time the audiologists want us to have a play with hearing aids. The idea is that we might get some sound in to the nerve, but also, Eva will get used to having things on her ears. Having CHARGE… Read more

Christchurch, cochlear implants and some giggles

We are back from our excursion to Christchurch. The news is good. They are recommending bilateral (both sides) cochlear implants. Provided the surgery isn’t too lengthy they will be doing both of the implants in late March next year, before the Peanut turns one. They were very careful to point… Read more

Remaining hopeful – cochlear implant assessment

Tomorrow, the Peanut, me and my Mum will fly down to Christchurch, and on Friday we will meet the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme team and have her cochlear assessment. I am equal parts excited, nervous and apprehensive. I know better than to get my hopes up too high that this… Read more

A summer of surgeries

As I looked over my shoulder at the Peanut,  already asleep from the gas and looking very small on the adult sized gurney, I wished her problems and issues had just been spread out a bit further afield. Did they really have to all come to one baby? The Peanut,… Read more

Feature on Real Imprints

The lovely people over at Real Imprints asked me to write an original piece about the Peanut and me. I crammed a year of blogging into around 4,000 words and submitted it. You can read the first half here. The second half will feature on Thursday. Spoiler alert, we learn the Peanut’s… Read more

Not the way I do

For all my positivity and feeling optimistic about the Peanut and life in general, sometimes some things just hit me in the guts. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, and in fact it often isn’t. My whole life music has been a huge part of the way I experience… Read more