Good news

A new milestone – 20,000 downloads!!

A new milestone – 20,000 downloads!!

In August this year, 11 months after I started the podcast I announced I had reached a big milestone, I had reached 10,000 downloads. I launched the podcast in September 2015 and 11 months later I felt like I had hit something momentous (for me, not for most podcasts.) Today,… Read more

New investments in the podcast

New investments in the podcast

Last week I received my AMP Scholarship¬†in my bank account. I suddenly had money to spend on the podcast. I did a lot of research when I first started the podcast. I bought some things cheap and other things quality. I have a tendency to start new hobbies and buy… Read more

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m feeling a bit emotional today, in the best possible way. And I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me ¬†and read my posts, listened to the podcast and voted for me when I nagged at you to do so. I asked you all recently to… Read more

Delivering good news – it feels good!

Delivering good news – it feels good!

There’s something odd that happens to you when tragedy strikes. You realise you need to disseminate the information to your family and friends. You know they need to know, and they would want to know, but part of you can’t bear to tell them because you know it brings them… Read more

Washington Post’s Top Parenting Podcasts – we’re in there!

Washington Post’s Top Parenting Podcasts – we’re in there!

I didn’t have my phone on me yesterday. The usual vibrations and alerts didn’t reach me. During period five, when my year 13s were working hard on their writing, I checked my personal email. It was full of alerts that people were tagging me in posts on Facebook. I wondered… Read more

Blood letting, babies and a good result

This morning was… busy. Eva had a follow up test after her cortisol levels were shown to be slightly lower than normal at a blood test last week. People with CHARGE Syndrome often have issues with hormones due to the involvement of their pituitary gland. it can affect growth, stress,… Read more

Sitting up – whoever knew it could be so exciting?

First there was the smile. Then the giggle. Next up came rolling onto her side. Then the head lifting in tummy time. Then the rolling onto her tummy and back onto her back (with a lot of effort). Our next big goals are pushing up through her arms and weight… Read more

Christchurch, cochlear implants and some giggles

We are back from our excursion to Christchurch. The news is good. They are recommending bilateral (both sides) cochlear implants. Provided the surgery isn’t too lengthy they will be doing both of the implants in late March next year, before the Peanut turns one. They were very careful to point… Read more

Laughing – a milestone

Today I heard the Peanut’s first honest to goodness giggle. I was tickling her before her bath and she let out a breathy, continuous giggle. I’ve heard the beginnings of this before where she would sort of hmmm of enjoyment as if she was about to start laughing but it… Read more

Tummy time!!

Holy smokes I am proud of this girl. In the last two or three days her tummy time has gone from licking the carpet to this! [wpvideo xCYrFxG1]   I usually try not to post twice in one day so I have material the next day, but sheesh I was… Read more

The tug of expectations

Today is a good day. A great day, even. Today we had the Peanut’s Visiting Neuro Developmental Therapist (VNDT) over to see us. She has been over the last two weeks but the Peanut has chosen that exact day and time to nap the morning away. She is normally a… Read more

The bottom of the well

When you combine a tendency to cry when stressed, angry, sad, tired, under pressure and forced to speak to a large crowd, with five very hard months you get a lot of tears. My eyes have produced more salt water than I ever thought possible. A serious bout of sobbing… Read more