Eye problems

The true meaning of beauty

The true meaning of beauty

In the last few weeks I have been taking some active steps to help myself. I could feel, and can feel, a hint of depression crawling back into my chest. I feel tired constantly. I’ve stopped running. I’m drinking too much. I want to change that. I can’t rid myself… Read more

Not so fast on my feet

Not so fast on my feet

I wish I were a little quicker on my feet sometimes. When I write these posts I have time to think. Time to create sentences. Time to weigh up words and their meaning and their impact. I can re-write and take all the time I need. But on the spot,… Read more

Avoiding the flatline

I wrote a few weeks back about meeting the couple at sign language class with the deaf eight month old daughter. A couple of weeks ago they told me there was a high probability their gorgeous girl was also blind, or at least had visual impairment. When the mother said… Read more

Human nature and a baby in a bucket

I drove to Eva’s plastics appointment with my hands clenched on the wheel. I was expecting to be told that they would not be doing anything to fix her eye because it was purely cosmetic. In my pocket I had the letter Eva’s day care provider had written supporting my… Read more

I am the expert

Eva has two paediatricians at the moment. One is at the local hospital and is her main doctor, and the other is in Wellington and saw Eva when she was there in the NICU as a new born and specialises in neurological issues. Thankfully, once we move into Wellington we… Read more

A night of lovely moments

Last night the Peanut and I had a late one. My usual bedtime of 8.30pm was pushed out to much later. No I wasn’t out drinking or partying or even at the movies. I was at my school’s senior prize giving. On this night, the year 11s, 12s and 13s… Read more

Rocking the patch

In time to step out with her newly coiffed mother, the Peanut’s eye patches arrived. We’ve only tried the leopard print so far, but I’m already a fan. Cute. And a chance to accessorize. If babies with no hair can justify wearing hair clips and head bands, this little pirate… Read more

One thing at a time

Twelve days and counting! We’ve been hospital free for 12 days, with the Peanut’s health getting better each day. For the first couple of days she still seemed unsettled and cried in the breathless way that makes me panicky to calm her down. In my head an imaginary oxygen saturation… Read more

She comes from a long line of pirates

The Peanut has doctors confused on a number of levels. A key disagreement is between Plastics and Opthalmology over her left eye. The Plastics doctors think it’s a hemangioma (a kind of birth mark) and the Opthalmologists think it’s a cyst. Both doctors know what the other thinks, but neither… Read more

Hope is a dangerous thing

A short note: Thank you to all the people who have stopped by and left comments of support. I have continued to read all of your blogs and check up on your comments in my absence. I cannot say that this is a full return, but I had a desire… Read more

Not the post I wanted to write

I do not want to be writing this post. It has been 11 days since I gave birth to the Peanut, and I have thought a lot about how much I wish I could be writing a different post. I was supposed to be sleep deprived and potentially emotional, but… Read more

One week. Two appointments. Two very different drives home.

The first appointment was with the ophthalmologist. Our obstetrician had referred us thinking it might be helpful to hear from them before this Peanut shows herself. This was also the first appointment I was going to attend solo. Mr. Million had to work and I had told my Mum she… Read more