What didn’t happen

What didn’t happen

When Eva died, she had so many big things coming up. She was getting her hips and eye operated on. She was going to get a G-tube placed so she could finally have the tape off her face and the NG tube out of her nose. She was going to… Read more

Sign the petition – give Lily a new heart

Sign the petition – give Lily a new heart

I was listening to some people talk about language the other day. They were discussing racial slurs and slurs aimed at the special needs community. They seemed to agree that racial slurs were not ok under any circumstances, but when it came to special needs slurs (we all know which… Read more

Murphy's Law at its best

Eva is booked in for surgery next Tuesday. Today is Monday. Eight days away. So you can imagine my utter disappointment when after months of no health issues, no coughs, no spills, no runny noses or lung issues Eva starts sniffling and coughing on Saturday. It’s Murphy’s Law at its… Read more

I am the expert

Eva has two paediatricians at the moment. One is at the local hospital and is her main doctor, and the other is in Wellington and saw Eva when she was there in the NICU as a new born and specialises in neurological issues. Thankfully, once we move into Wellington we… Read more

A summer of surgeries

As I looked over my shoulder at the Peanut,  already asleep from the gas and looking very small on the adult sized gurney, I wished her problems and issues had just been spread out a bit further afield. Did they really have to all come to one baby? The Peanut,… Read more

One thing at a time

Twelve days and counting! We’ve been hospital free for 12 days, with the Peanut’s health getting better each day. For the first couple of days she still seemed unsettled and cried in the breathless way that makes me panicky to calm her down. In my head an imaginary oxygen saturation… Read more

She comes from a long line of pirates

The Peanut has doctors confused on a number of levels. A key disagreement is between Plastics and Opthalmology over her left eye. The Plastics doctors think it’s a hemangioma (a kind of birth mark) and the Opthalmologists think it’s a cyst. Both doctors know what the other thinks, but neither… Read more

Back in hospital

The room is one flight up, but the view is the same. I can see the cars picking up and dropping off patients, cars on the road passing obliviously by, pigeons waddling past my window. The last time I had this view, the Peanut was in the SCBU and I… Read more