Cochlear Implants

What didn’t happen

What didn’t happen

When Eva died, she had so many big things coming up. She was getting her hips and eye operated on. She was going to get a G-tube placed so she could finally have the tape off her face and the NG tube out of her nose. She was going to… Read more

Communication through movement

Eva is both profoundly blind and deaf. I am sure she has light perception in her right eye and maybe can see large shapes because of this, but her hearing is next to nothing. She has been recommended for bilateral cochlear implants this year, and while this is fantastic, it… Read more

Hearing aids for Christmas

Eva is getting cochlear implants in March. But in the mean time the audiologists want us to have a play with hearing aids. The idea is that we might get some sound in to the nerve, but also, Eva will get used to having things on her ears. Having CHARGE… Read more

Christchurch, cochlear implants and some giggles

We are back from our excursion to Christchurch. The news is good. They are recommending bilateral (both sides) cochlear implants. Provided the surgery isn’t too lengthy they will be doing both of the implants in late March next year, before the Peanut turns one. They were very careful to point… Read more