I haven’t totally disappeared

It’s been a while and I’m sorry! Life has been busy. I’ve switched jobs from teaching to content writing and the shift and change of pace is taking quite a bit of energy and brain space. It’s been fantastic, but when I finish work at 5pm (instead of 3.30pm like I sometimes did as a teacher) my brain isn’t capable of staying awake, let alone producing podcasts!

I had already been planning a break from the podcast. Or a break from its current format anyway. I’m going to release one last episode this year, probably just before Christmas, and then that’s it for the moment.

But it’s not all over. I’m working on a new series of education based stories for release next year. They’ll be a bit shorter than the usual episodes and they’re going to focus on families in New Zealand who are struggling in our education system. New Zealand isn’t the only country with issues around disability and inclusive education, but since we have just had an election and we have the chance to maybe get some movement and change happening, I wanted to focus my attention there for a while.

This isn’t the end of the podcast by any means, but I need a breather and to regroup and figure out where to next and what the One in a Million Baby needs to achieve.

So watch this space and keep an eye/ear out for the new education series, and the last traditional One in a Million Baby podcast for the year in a month or so.

And thank you for reading and listening and supporting me!

4 thoughts on “I haven’t totally disappeared

  1. Elle Bienne

    I discovered your podcast a couple of months ago…it is beautiful, and very special. I really appreciate hearing the stories about these amazing children and their families, and I appreciate your insight and perspective. You are a gifted interviewer, as well, truly allowing your guest to explore their memories and share their story, without interruption, grandstanding, or probing indelicately. As an early intervention therapist, I believe it has really helped me to understand the families I work with better. Thank you so much for creating this podcast. I have shared it with many of our families.

    1. Tessa Prebble Post author

      Thanks so much for your message, Elle and your kind words. I’m honoured that you’re passing this podcast onto the families you work with. That’s exactly how I want to reach people. Thank you!

  2. Plamena

    Way to go, Tessa! Thank you for the wonderful blog and podcast. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started following you.

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