Emily Writes – Rants in the Dark book launch

When you’re a new mum you need all the community you can get. Sometimes it’s hard to find a community you gel with. Mothers can be judgmental.

One mother who is not judgmental, and who has made it her business to share the ins and outs of parenthood and build a community that can speak honestly, is Emily Writes.

Emily writes, often hilariously, about the sleeplessness, the struggles and the triumphs of parenting. And her writing is so damn good, she’s coming out with a book, “Rants in the dark” in March this year!

I’ve already pre-ordered three copies because I’m that excited about sharing her writing with new mothers.

The book launch itself is on March 6th at Unity Books, event details here, but she also has an event this week on Wednesday which is a Q and A preview. If you’re interested in attending, please do! I know she would love to meet you and take any questions (except how to get your child to sleep, of course). Here are the event details!

You can pre-order copies of “Rants in the Dark” here.

Emily is also the editor of the wonderful Spinoff Parents, where she is providing space for so many important and differing stories on parenting, including some of my own.

Please check out her book, come along to the launch and if you’re super keen, come along to the Q and A this week!


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