New investments in the podcast

Last week I received my AMP Scholarship in my bank account. I suddenly had money to spend on the podcast.

I did a lot of research when I first started the podcast. I bought some things cheap and other things quality. I have a tendency to start new hobbies and buy all the best gear and then drop them a year later. I have a very nice snowboard sitting in the corner of my room that hasn’t been used since before I was pregnant. Every time I get into a fitness fad I go crazy and buy all the gear.

So this time I told myself to be sensible. I was starting something new that I knew nothing about so I decided to get mostly entry level gear. It has served me well, but now, over a year later, the podcast is still going and I have no plans to stop, and now I have funding to put into it and make sure the sound quality is up to the standard that these stories deserve.

So first things first I bought some fancy new microphones. They were the mics I spotted in my first lot of research and drooled over but didn’t buy. Now I have two of them.

Next up was the acoustic panelling. I started in a blanket fort, then made myself some sub par foam walls, but now I have proper acoustic paneling complete with bass traps and a ceiling panel from the lovely guys at NZ Acoustics. My spare room looks like a legitimate sound studio, and best of all, when I clap my hands, I can’t hear the sound reverberating around the room anymore.


I had put in my AMP Scholarship application that I would like to take a sound engineering course to improve my skills in post production but it turns out there really isn’t anything at the level I want. I don’t need to be able to mix and master music and multiple instruments. So instead I emailed the folks at STL Audio and asked if they could tutor me. They’ve never done anything like that before but are on board and I’m going to get one on one tutoring from them to help me improve my skills and make the podcast sound better than ever.

I started this podcast myself, with absolutely no knowledge of recording or editing audio. While I could pay someone else to edit the show, I don’t want to. I want to have full control and to build my own skills so I can ensure these stories are treated with the respect they deserve. I like the feeling of learning new skills and getting better at them. I don’t want to outsource any of that experience.

For listeners this all means very little, except that the podcast will start to sound a bit more profesh, and there will be many more episodes to come. I’m invested now!

Keep an eye out for the next episode, which will be a special one where instead of doing the interviewing, I will be the the one put on the spot.

Exciting times!



2 thoughts on “New investments in the podcast

  1. Bonnie Dewart

    Wonderful that you achieved an AMP scholarship and so can grow the skills and sound behind the podcast. I am looking forward to your future podcasts. It is exciting!

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