Exciting and busy times!

I feel like I’ve got about 10 balls in the air right now.

I’ve gotten through to the AMP Scholarship semi-finals, so next week I fly to Auckland to give a presentation on the podcast and why they should give me money to help make it bigger and better. I could win up to $10,000 to go towards recording gear, acoustic treatment and a new website. So I have a presentation to plan and prepare for, and nerves to calm.

I’m helping The Ace Lady Network to produce their podcast, which is crazy-exciting and testing all my podcasting, recording and editing skills. Last night we recorded the first live event with the super witty and talented Hera Lindsay Bird in conversation with Claire Murdoch and I can’t wait to get going on the editing and get that episode out into the world. We also have the first studio-based episode in the pipeline which will be hot on its heels.

I’m gearing up to record the next episode of The One in a Million Baby over the weekend to get that out for October.

I’m trying to muster up as many votes as I can for the Mumsnet Blogging Awards which close on October 7th. This involves performing a balancing act whereby I weigh up the benefits of posting yet another post on facebook, versus losing friends because they don’t like being spammed!

Please, if you have a second, vote for me and then share the link with a friend. I’d love to get through to the final three for the best writer category!


Then of course I have my actual paid job as a teacher, where my students are just one week away from the deadline of our magazine, The Flannel, which showcases their year’s work in journalism class.

Phew! I am erring on the side of exhaustion but I also feel excited and fulfilled and like I’m really doing something (in the moments I’m not watching Suits on Netflix – hey a girl’s gotta have her down time).

Exciting and busy times!

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