10,000 downloads, a milestone worth celebrating

I’ve had my eye on the goal of 10,000 podcast downloads for a while. It was oh so slowly approaching. And then with the release of the last episode, it somehow snuck up on me and I have, right now, 10,186 downloads.

In the grand scheme of things, this is hardly something to celebrate. The One in a Million Baby has not gone viral. The podcast is not in the same league as the giants of podcasting. But 10,000 times my podcast and that feels like something.

10,000 times, these stories were heard, and that feels like a milestone worthy of celebration and gratitude.

Eva’s life and death and turned my life upside down and inside out, repeatedly. There is so much I would change, but even knowing that, I am still grateful for the journey she has taken me, and continues to take me on. Every time I record and episode, or write a post, she is in the forefront of my mind, cheering me on, and encouraging me.

There were so many milestones that she didn’t get to reach, but she has helped me reach this one, and for that I think we should both be proud.

8 thoughts on “10,000 downloads, a milestone worth celebrating

  1. Bonnie Dewart

    This is a significant number, and you have covered a lot of ground in every sense. Congratulations for the grace and determination you show in your writing. You honour Eva and families who are on this journey.

  2. Kimberly Lauger

    Way to go Tessa. You give parents a place to share their hardest of emotions and to celebrate their greatest joys. Thank you

  3. Adam

    BIG time congrats! I remember stumbling upon your blog/podcast when the first episode came out and was immediately impressed with the grace you displayed in both your writing and interviewing process.

    Totally deserved, keep it up, you’re doing something *very* special.

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