Episode 10 coming soon!

In May I got prolific with the podcast and put out two in a month. This month, has been less productive. I haven’t managed to record until the weekend just been and I’ve watched the 1st of July sneak closer and closer with no material.

I realised something, it’s hard to fit in an hour long interview when you are a special needs parent. There are so many variables to contain and so many unknowns in a day. There are also varying energy levels. Special needs parenting, and parenting in general, is tiring. So while I come home from work and can dedicate myself to recording and editing, the parents I talk to have so much on their plate.

For this reason it’s been hard to get the next episode pinned down. I’ve had to shuffle things to make it work, but I think I’ve caught up and on Friday Episode 10: Dylan and Kim – Living with CHARGE Syndrome will be released.

I spent much of the weekend in this cosy cave, recording and editing. It’s not much to look at, I’ve got pillows and blankets to absorb sound and my desk is a shoe box on the floor of my spare room, but it’s working for me.


This is the first episode, aside from my own brief intro, that focuses on CHARGE Syndrome, and for that reason it’s very dear to my heart.

Kim and Dylan’s story is one of grief and gratitude, sadness and joy and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Listen out on Friday for Episode 10!

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