Better late than never – the next episode is almost here

The next episode of the podcast is almost here.

My goal of releasing each month on the first of the month sort of flew out the window when I spent seven weeks in the USA and got back right before the February issue was due to be published. I’m crawling my way back to this schedule and hopefully by next month I’ll be a little closer to my goal.

I have been hunched over my laptop for hours each night getting this one finished and  I think this month’s episode is worth the wait.


Feeling a bit bleary eyed from all this screen time, but the episode is almost done!

This is an exciting episode for me because it features one of my listeners. This mother heard my first episode where I talked about Eva and emailed me. She said she loved the episode and wanted to be a part.

For me, this episode marks the podcast doing something I aimed to do, create a community. I wanted to create a place where people could be honest and raw with their experiences. A place where we weren’t afraid to tell our darkest fears and worries but also a place where we spent as much time on those dark times as we did celebrating who we see our children as now.

Having one of the listeners as part of that experience just makes this whole thing worth it.

Stay tuned to hear Zinzele and Adonis’s story in just a few days.

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