Meeting the women who held vigil for me

It’s Wednesday here in New Zealand. In 10 sleeps I will be getting on a plane at an ungodly early hour of the morning and flying to Minneapolis, Minnesota to stay with the first mama from my facebook mama’s group. 

Not long after Eva died, the group, which is a spin off of a larger group of mamas who listen to The Longest Shortest Time podcast, told me they were raising money for me to help me copr with my grief. 

As soon as they told me about the money for me I wanted to thank them, not just by skype or email or facebook, in person. This group has provided me with the most amazing support, that 200 women from around the world who have never met each other, could provide. They sent gifts. They ordered flowers for Eva’s funeral. They have written letters, poems and neverending cards. They set up fundraisers for CHARGE Syndrome and commented on my podcast and blog. They have sent me messages of love and support and they have held vigil for Eva with candles that stretched across facebook and the world. They have let me rant and rave when the grief feels inappropriate for public consumption and they have held me in their hearts through all of it. 

More important than any money or gift was the knowledge that these women loved Eva and mourned her as I did. They felt the loss and that loss radiated all over the globe. 

In 10 days I start a seven week journey where I will be staying with more than 14 families and meeting so many more. I am an introvert by nature. So this trip feels well outside my comfort zone. But it also feels important. And exciting. And so right. It feels big. 

I cannot wait to meet them all and hug them and say thank you for being the friends I needed. Thank you ladies, and I will see you soon!

I’m so excited I have been practicing my packing already

16 thoughts on “Meeting the women who held vigil for me

    1. Oneinamillion Post author

      Here’s my itinerary: Minneapolis, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Albuquerque, LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle. Phew!! Is Pittsburgh near to any of those?!

  1. Lindsay

    I’m thrilled for you! The things that stretch us out of our comfort zone are usually really good learning experiences. I can’t wait to read about your journey through the US. My first-born lives in Minneapolis with her two dads! It’s a great city.

  2. Lisa W.

    So happy for you! I know how amazing the online connections are, we felt so alone until we found our CHARGE family online back in ’98. If you ever get to Eastern Canada, we’ve a room for you!

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