Episode 03: The call is recorded – what an honour

This morning I talked with Natalie Roberts about her journey with her daughter Chiara and her husband Mauro and their older daughter, Grace. I have followed Natalie’s blog Chiara’s Journey. You can read more about them through their facebook page as well. 

Chiara’s journey started as a simple treatment for her Talipes (clubfoot), but soon became a more serious diagnosis of Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria, Microcephely, Global Development Delay and Quadriparetic Cerebral Palsy. Chiara has spastic quadriplegia (known as one of the most severe forms of Cerebral Palsy).

All the labels come down to one thing – brain injury. The medical team attribute the aforementioned diagnosis to a possible stroke Chiara had in-utero.
As with the other two interviews I have done, I got off the call and felt both elated and exhausted. Natalie is a phenomenal woman with a huge amount of compassion, energy and passion for life and her family. During the call we both cried and while our stories are quite different I didn’t notice the differences as much as I noticed the similarities. 

This path that Eva has lead me on is such a priviledge for me. When I connect with these parents and hear their story first hand I feel a great honour. These are stories of huge emotion of both kinds. Huge love. Huge grief. These stories are so important and as with the other two, I cannot wait to share Natalie and Chiara’s story with you next month. 

Thank you, Natalie! 


4 thoughts on “Episode 03: The call is recorded – what an honour

  1. Lindsay

    Tessa, I read this through tear-filled eyes. Not in sadness, but because I’m thinking about this path Eva has led you on…and all the lives you’re touching through this podcast, all of the connections you’re making and are facilitating and I am just so humbled. By the incredible Eva, and by you and your strength, resilience and in the way you’ve taken your experiences and turned them into this incredible thing that is reaching ears and hearts ’round the world.

    1. Oneinamillion Post author

      Isn’t she just gorgeous?!

      Thanks, Lindsay. Sometimes I feel my breath just leave my body when I think about where Eva has taken me since she was born. I wish she was here to be part of it too!

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