The new episode is almost here!

As of five minutes ago, Episode 02 of the podcast is ready for release. I am just bursting with pride about this episode, just as I was with the first one. I don’t think I have ever felt as proud of anything as I do of these last two episodes.

Episode 02 features Cassie and her son Thomas. Thomas has quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Cassie was so beautifully honest and vulnerable in our discussions. I cannot wait to share her story with you all. Listening to the finished product I got goosebumps. While Cassie and Thomas’ story is very different to Eva and mine, the similarities in the grief we felt and the thought processes we had, are remarkably similar. I couldn’t help but feel so excited about how many parents this podcast could help.

Feeling part of a community is one of the key things that can help someone get through the first difficult months. When I think about someone listening in to this show, and the other episodes, and feeling less alone, less isolated, I just feel filled with lightness. I feel this swelling of happiness and connection and ¬†purpose. I cannot be Eva’s mother in an active way anymore. I will always be her mother, but I cannot care for her, but I can take the effort and love and attention and put it somewhere it needs to go. I can take that energy and turn it into something. Something I can be proud of and Eva would be proud of too.

Episode 02: Thomas and Cassie, will be released on November 1st.


You can Follow Thomas on their facebook page to see his progress and celebrate his achievements.

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