Episode 00: An introduction

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It’s here!

The first ever episode of The One in a Million Baby podcast. It’s not perfect, but nothing is. This episode is a starting point, a way to begin. It’s my way of introducing listeners to me, to Eva and to our story. It’s my way of explaining why I’m doing all this.

I’m asking parents on the show to be honest and vulnerable and answer some tricky questions. So it’s only fair that I be willing to do the same. This episode gives a brief account of our story and how I got to here.

You can listen to it right here or subscribe to it for free through iTunes. Here:
The One in a Million Baby – Tessa Prebble

If you like what you hear, leave a review. I will soon be making it available on Stitcher radio so that Android users can listen too, but this will do in the mean time.

Along with the launch of the podcast comes the launch of the beautiful design and logo work from Enelia at Abacus Finch.


Thank you, Enelia, for your time and care and generosity. The logo is perfect for The One in a Million Baby and makes me think of Eva and her fiery spirit. I love it.

Thank you also to Grayson Gilmour for the use of the music from his album Infinite Life! You can find Grayson’s music on iTunes and through his website. To me, Grayson’s album is one full of contradictory feelings, swelling hope alongside sadness and loss. It felt like the perfect pairing for the podcast. Thank you!


Thanks in advance for listening. I hope you enjoy it.

Now I’m off to celebrate with a martini and put my feet up. I’m hoping to release Episode 01 October 1st.

20 thoughts on “Episode 00: An introduction

  1. me+hub+3


    What can I say. What an amazing job. I love your honesty. Thank you so much for sharing your story and Eva. I think this pod cast will help so many people. You are doing an amazing job. Eva would be so proud of this great legacy.

    Looking forward to hearing about some of Eva’s friends in the coming episodes.

    I think of you both often.

  2. Maree

    I had a chance to listen to this yesterday and it was amazing – beautiful, and heartbreaking, and hopeful. After reading your blog it’s lovely to hear your words in your own voice, and I’m looking forward to the stories to come.

  3. ebonie

    You are a once in a million mum. Most of us do not have courage to openly, honestly speak in public.
    No women who is thrown it this crazy world would judge you.
    Parents like us see the world through a weird warped window, and in reflection it is almost always a slightly rose tinted window.
    I look forward to hearing the episodes.

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