The first interview is in the bank

Last night, Jen Carter from Jacob’s Fight¬†was the first guest on The One in a Million Baby Podcast. We spoke for over an hour about her journey with her son Jacob and the challenges and triumphs they have faced. It is quite a story. One that had me with my hands over my mouth in shock at some things, and shaking my head in awe at the love these parent have for their child and the lengths they will go to, like it’s nothing more than a day’s work.

Jacob and Jen

Jacob and Jen

There were times when the questions were hard to ask, and I know for Jen there were things that were hard to talk about. But she was fantastic, and open and willing to go there. I learnt a lot about Hurler Syndrome, bone marrow transplants and the kind of decisions parents of special kids have to make that others would never dream of. I saw parallels with Eva and my story as well as complete differences in approach and outlook.

I’ll be working on this audio for the next couple of weeks, I want to do their story justice so I wont be rushing things. But it feels very exciting and real now that the wheels are in motion and what started out as an exciting but seemingly intangible idea, is coming to fruition. Keep an eye out for Episode 00, the introduction episode where I talk about the project and why I’m doing it. Then Jen’s story will be up next.

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