A taste of things to come

I have audio!

It’s not much. A quick teaser of the intro I’m planning to play in each episode, but it’s something.

Next weekend I am having a pre-interview chat with my first subject, and then we are going to get down to recording. I have a few small kinks to work out with the Skype recording, but it’s nothing a bit of thinking (and help from some technologically minded friends) won’t fix.

So here you are. A little taster of The One in a Million Baby podcast.

I’d like to thank Grayson Gilmour for the use of his song Tunnel Vision from the album Infinite Life! If you liked what you heard from this amazingly talented Wellingtonian musician you can find the rest of his music here. Grayson has very generously let me play with a couple of the tracks from Infinite Life! and they will feature in every episode. I think they capture the sometimes overwhelming cacophony of feelings that come with special needs parenting beautifully.

Next up I will be working on the first interview, which will be episode 01, and a 00 episode with a bit about me, about Eva and about why I’m doing this.

I am trying not to cringe as I listen to my voice. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’d like to think Eva is cheering me on and saying, “Mum! Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine!” Stay tuned for more!

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12 thoughts on “A taste of things to come

  1. Maria

    Hey, I really… like it! You sound like someone who works on radio: warm tone, clear words, a really pleasant voice, basically. Thumbs up!

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