Podcast update: equipment is arriving!

Podcast update!

The first lot of equipment has arrived.

I have microphones! And microphone stands! And a digital recorder! And microphone cables!

I don’t usually use exclamation points. Can you tell I’m excited?

Once customs clears it, I will have the mixer, and then I am just one Amazon package away from being able to start experimenting.

I am excited and also a bit afraid. But I have been assured, no one likes the sound of their voice recorded.

It’s all really happening, and I can’t wait to record the first show and start producing this project.

It sounds stupid, but it sort of feels like all the things I’ve done in my career have sort of lead to this point. My music journalism lead me to have the contacts necessary for getting backing music; my journalism school experience has taught me interviewing skills; my blog has taught me how to tell a story with emotion and vulnerability as well as introducing me to an amazing community of other parents like me; and Eva has lead me here, to this moment, with this very specific life experience to share.

I have friends from all sorts of sectors of my life who have offered to help with everything from design to promotion, and it really does feel like something I am meant to be doing. I don’t believe in fate, or destiny, or that my life is predetermined, but I can’t think of a better thing for me to be doing with my specific experience and skills than this.

It’s not predetermined, but it sure fits me well.

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