Coming home

Coming home

I'm visiting my parents this weekend. My sister and her partner are here too, with their puppy along for the ride. Read more

World's Okayest Mom

World's Okayest Mom

The daily reality of special needs parenting, expressed here so well. Read more

Surrounded by voices who understood

I dreamt about Eva last night. In my dream they had brought her back 24 hours after she died. Somehow when they got her back to the hospital they realised it was possible to start her heart again. They’d kept this quiet from me for months and she had been… Read more

Without trying, or having to, or knowing it, she changed me

There are a lot of cliches, euphemisms and platitudes┬áthat get thrown around when something inexplicably tragic happens. People don’t know what to say, and they want to placate you with something. They mean well, usually, and they are desperately trying to find something to make it feel better. They also… Read more

This perfect Eva shaped hole

I have written quite a bit about triggers over the last few weeks. Things that set me off. Things that turn a seemingly normal day upside down. Things that leave me reeling. But the truth about grief is those things aren’t necessary. Today just felt hard. Teaching felt hard. Waking… Read more

Sharing the load for Issy

When Eva first came home with me a friend put me in touch with another family, from my home town, who had a little girl with very similar issues to Eva. She was blind, with micropthalmia in one eye and anopthalmia in the other. She wore a conformer in one… Read more