Good riddance, 2014

On the last day of 2014 I look back and a multitude of things go through my head. Thank god it’s over being the main one. I can’t sum it up in one short post, because it’s taken over 80 posts during the year to get my thoughts out. But… Read more

I'm that mother

As I posted what was probably the fifth picture and caption combo of Eva to facebook in a matter of days I was struck with the thought (one I’ve had for months but chosen to ignore) that I have become one of the mothers I used to roll my eyes… Read more

Tis the season

Eva’s first Christmas has been lovely. She has been spoilt, like every baby should be, by her aunts, grandparents and friends. A particular thanks must go to my big sister who lives in Canada and sent over multiple packages with beautiful hand made soft toys and presents. The whale in… Read more

Hearing aids for Christmas

Eva is getting cochlear implants in March. But in the mean time the audiologists want us to have a play with hearing aids. The idea is that we might get some sound in to the nerve, but also, Eva will get used to having things on her ears. Having CHARGE… Read more

Summertime and the living is… pretty great actually

Today felt like the start of summer. The mercury hit 28 degrees celsius in some areas of the city. It was weather which forced me to let my very pale legs brave the sun, and weather which insisted on sunscreen and a hat. The Peanut spent most of the day… Read more

On the move

The Peanut is on the move. She can now roll onto her tummy and keep going back onto her back again. It’s really in one direction only at the moment (she will be an ambi turner, yet!) but it’s still pretty cool. I can look away for a few moments… Read more

The variety contained within the common

Yesterday I reblogged a post by Star in her eye about Strange Luck. The piece talked about the luck the writer felt at the issues her daughter didn’t have, in comparison to other children with the same syndrome. Issues most parents don’t ever have to feel lucky about, or don’t… Read more

Strange Luck

Strange Luck

I know this feeling of counting your pieces of luck, which to anyone else don’t seem lucky at all, so well. She said it better than I did, so I wanted to share. Read more

Sitting up – whoever knew it could be so exciting?

First there was the smile. Then the giggle. Next up came rolling onto her side. Then the head lifting in tummy time. Then the rolling onto her tummy and back onto her back (with a lot of effort). Our next big goals are pushing up through her arms and weight… Read more

Wordless Wednesday

[wpvideo Cu8where] Read more

When a community loses a member

Since the Peanut was given the working diagnosis of CHARGE Syndrome something fairly special has happened. Through the internet, being the magical tool that it is, I have been able to connect with a global CHARGE community. These parents and CHARGErs are supportive, honest, open and helpful. They acknowledge that… Read more

One year later

It has been almost a year since The One in a Million Baby was born – the blog that is, not the Peanut. I started this blog while I was pregnant with the Peanut. I had overcome what I thought was the scariest hurdle I would encounter. I had been… Read more