My "so necessary bundle" arrived!

After weeks tracking my Not So Glamorous But So Necessary Bundle from Hillary Frank’s Longest Shortest Time podcast/blog and A Little Bundle, it has arrived!

Me and some of my winnings

Me and some of my winnings

The track and trace info told me my bundle began its journey in Austin, Texas, then flew to Chicago, followed by Ireland where it stayed put for a week or so. Then it visited Switzerland, and finally, it arrived in Upper Hutt, New Zealand!

The bundle came with everything a new Mum might want including a swaddle wrap, baby socks, an “I Love You” night light, lanolin nipple cream and hemorrhoid cream (yay!), a beanie, a onesie, some delicious sea salt and caramel chocolate (which I have developed a real taste for and now will not be able to find anything resembling it in NZ), and more.

Thanks so much to Longest Shortest Time and A Little Bundle, you made me day.

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  1. Jo Brunskill

    Lanolin nipple cream = amazing! Also, did you know that you can soothe horrendous swollen boobs with raw cabbage? Not just an old wives tale! It really works!

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